What is Virtual agent?

Virtual agent is a Freddy AI-powered bot that can enable 24/7 conversational support on your collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack. Employees can ask a simple question to the Virtual agent and it will pull service items and help articles as responses to self-serve. Learn more

How does it work?

  • Employees ask a question to Virtual agent on Microsoft Teams / Slack.
  • Virtual agent searches the Knowledge base and Service catalog for matches. All changes to content in are continuously indexed.
  • Instant responses to the employee with relevant articles / service items that are matching the query.

Why do you need good content?

Virtual agent pulls responses from Articles and service items. A mismanaged information engine (Articles & service items) hence impacts response accuracy. It results in:

  • False positives
  • Relevant content getting ranked lower in the list of responses

Signs of mismanaged content

  • Duplication and redundancy - Existence of multiple duplicates or old articles that are redundant
  • Same content for multiple purposes - Writing a single long article or creating a single service item for multiple needs
  • Generic title and body content - Lack of specific titles and content 
  • Over-reliance on keywords and tags - Virtual agent works on the semantic search of visible content. As keywords / tags are invisible content, indexing based on them results in confusion and is hence avoided. 
  • Missing content - Popular queries do not have relevant articles/service items
  • Complex Language - Using complicated keywords that do not match employees' language. 

Setting up the content engine

Here is how you create the right content engine to setup your Virtual agent for success: