The process of employee onboarding contains a series of forms that require multiple stakeholders to input the relevant information for the new employee. This would mean that service item fields like department, location, role, etc would be repetitive across multiple child forms. The autofill feature allows the child forms with the exact field name to capture the data from the parent form and autofill for text, dropdowns, and paragraph fields.

This feature is automatically enabled in your Freshservice instance.  

The fields that have to be auto-filled should be added to the ‘Add fields from the initiator’s form’ field for it to work. 

Parent form filled by the initiator: 

Child form to be filled by reporting manager with auto-populated value for the location in the form and service item field:

Child form to be filled by a new employee with auto-populated value for the location: 

Some of the exceptions the feature does not support:

  1. All auto-fills from text, custom dropdown, and paragraph to a list-view dropdown are case-sensitive.
  2. Fields such as date, number, decimal, URL, checkbox, nested field, multi-select field, and dependent field are unsupported by autofill.
  3. Any field type to auto-complete dropdown* is not auto-filled. 
  4. Auto-complete dropdown* to custom dropdown is not auto-filled. 
  5. All dropdowns with input as the data source except location.