The IP Range Scan can be configured to include individual IPs, a ange, or an entire network. 

You can configure custom schedules for IP Range Scans using the steps mentioned below. Here's how:       

  • Open Task Scheduler
  • Create a Task with the following details.

    • In Security options -> This task should be run as an administrator user.  So select an admin user under the user account and select the check box Run with highest privileges

    • In Actions tab, click on the New Action button. 

    • In the action drop-down, select Start a Program.

    • Click on Browse and select FSScheduler.exe file from the Probe install location/bin folder.

    • In the Arguments Box, enter the argument "IPRangeScan<space><your ip range scan name>".

      Note: The IP Range name can be obtained from the Freshservice Probe. Open the Probe window, click on the IP Range tab, and find the domain name under the Domain/WorkGroup column. Please use the exact name in the arguments

    • You can also provide multiple comma-separated IP Range Scan names. Eg. "IPRangeScan<space> name1,name2,name2" - here name1, name2, name3 are the names of the IP Range Scans that are configured under the IP Range Tab

    • Configure your schedule behavior under triggers.