Managing your IT costs start right from streamlining your procurement processes and managing the costs involved. With purchase order reports, derive insights about current asset utilization,  order fulfillment statuses, onboarding the received items, and purchase details to optimize costs and to improve process efficiency.

Curated Purchase Order Report

Freshservice offers an out-of-the-box purchase report for you to stay on top of your purchase orders and their metrics. To access this report:

  • Navigate to the Analytics Module.

  • Filter and view the Curated Reports. Open the Purchase Overview report. 

  • The following widgets are available in the curated report:

Total Purchase Grouped by



Ordered date 

Expected delivery date

Received date 

Approval Status

Total Cost


  • Supported Metrics are:

    • Total number of purchases

    • Percentage of purchases

  • Supported Filters 

PO Name

Ordered date

Received date

Shipping cost


PO Number 

Approved date

Approval status

Total cost 


Expected delivery date

Rejected date

Purchase Order status

Item name

Associated asset count

Created date

Canceled date


Item description

Associated ticket count

Note: In addition to the above filters, all custom fields are also supported for filtering.