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Project fields: Project admins can now create custom fields to help project managers capture any additional information they require to run their projects. More information here.

DevOps Integrations: Now, you can integrate your software development projects with your favorite source control tools such as GitHub & GitLab. Details of code check-ins and pull requests made inside Github or Gitlab repositories by mentioning the specific Freshservice Project Task ID will appear inside the "Development" section of the corresponding project tasks.
Additionally, by enabling "Autopilot" mode inside Project settings, users can also automatically move task statuses based on these activities done in connected GitHub or GitLab repositories.

To read more how about autopilot, click here.

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JIRA Import: Import projects and project tasks into new-gen project management by providing the Jira account URL, admin email details, and admin API key. More information here.

Contextual Collaboration: Enable two-way sync between Freshservice projects and Slack to have a contextual and rich discussion about your ongoing tasks and projects. More information here.