Autopilot allows new-gen project management to automatically update the status of tasks based on events in source control software like GitHub and GitLab.

Note: Autopilot is only available for software projects in the new-gen project management.

If you are using GitHub or GitLab, then your developers don't have to worry about constantly update task status after something gets done.

Example scenarios:

1. Automatically move task status to "In Progress" when developers commit code for a task

2. Automatically move task status to "In Review" when developers raise a pull or merge request

3. Automatically move task status to "Ready to test" when a pull request is merged

Steps to enable workflow autopilot

1. Configure Github or GitLab integration with the new-gen project management.

2. Go to Project > More >  Settings

3. Select "Autopilot"

4. Click on the gear icon on Github to configure > Enable events you want the new-gen project management to listen and configure statuses.

Note: For GitLab as well you can use the GitHub configuration inside Autopilot.

5. Important: After configuring the statuses in autopilot, make sure that all your workflows actually allow these status movements.

Note: Use the same steps if you are using GitLab as well.