New-gen project management integrates with source control tools like GitLab to show details of all code changes made for a project task within the task itself. In addition to this, using the “workflow autopilot” feature, project managers can also automate status updates of tasks based on various events in source control tools. 

For more details, refer to more details on how to configure workflow autopilot here.

The “Development” section inside task properties allows teams to know what code changes were made, details of code commits and pull requests, where the changes were approved, and take the next best action on the user story, bug fix, etc.

How to integrate New-gen project management with GitLab?


1. You need to be the project admin 

2. You need to be the owner of your GitLab account

Steps to install:

Please navigate to Admin -> Project & Workload Management -> DevOps integrations section in your Freshservice instance. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > Project & Workload Management > DevOps integrations.

2. Select GitLab

3. Click on "Add new Gitlab account"

4. Authorize New-gen project management and also request access to any organization accounts you might want to integrate (the owner of the organization has to approve this request)

5. Start listening to the repositories within the account that you want to sync with the new-gen project management

How to make the commits show up on item details?

Every time someone makes a code change or submits a pull request, developers just have to mention the item key in the commit message and pull request message. You can get the item key by opening the task detail page.

While committing code,

While creating a pull request,

Steps to enable workflow autopilot

Note: Autopilot is only available for software projects in the new-gen project management.

1. After GutLab configuration with new-gen project management.

2. Go to Project > More >  Settings

3. Select "Autopilot"

4. Click on the gear icon on Github to configure > Enable events you want the new-gen project management to listen and configure statuses.

Note: For GitLab as well you can use the GitHub configuration inside Autopilot (you will see GitLab soon)

5. Important: After configuring the statuses in autopilot, make sure that all your workflows actually allow these status movements.