Most organizations with various clients across the globe require multiple parameters to capture all the information required for invoicing their customers. Sometimes, they require fields such as "Nature of work", "Location" or if a particular record is eligible for a tax credit during billing.

With Custom Fields for Time Entries, users can capture additional data and track billable hours better. These custom fields added will be the same across tickets, changes, problems, assets, and releases. 

How to add custom fields

  • Navigate to Admin -> Service Management -> Service Desk Settings -> Field Manager -> Time Entry Fields. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin -> Global Settings -> Service Management -> Service Desk Settings -> Field Manager -> Time Entry Fields.
  • Choose any of the options available, either Ticket, Problem, Change, or Release fields
  • Drag and drop the required fields needed for the form

  • Click on any field to open the field editor and customize the name of the field and the placeholder text.
  • Choose to make the field mandatory while the agent submits the form the Admin > Field manager.
  • Drag and move fields within the form to organize them in the form and click Save to save this form.

  • Once the form is saved, the following custom fields will be added to their time entry forms.