One of the constant pain-point for IT teams is not having clear visibility of the project progress, and even if they do, it's very late in the game. With Project Analytics, you can deep dive into your data and obtain insights, specific to your business objectives.

With project analytics, you get access to two kinds of reports. Curated reports and custom reports. 

  1. Curated reports - Here you will get 2 preconfigured reports named - “Project overview” and “Monday morning overview”. It will give you a bird’s eye view of the project. 

  2. Custom reports - Customize and build your reports in the way you want them, with minimal effort. You have the flexibility to pick the metric(s) you want to track.

Analytics automatically picks the best visualization for your data set but if you'd like to change it, you can do it by editing it.

All of these reports will work across projects, sort of enabling you to analyze at a project portfolio level.

Note: The efforts for project tasks inside the new-gen project management can be calculated on a day, week, and minutes. But while accessing it inside, the "project analytics" will be displayed only in minutes. 

For instance: 1-day effort for a project task will get converted to 480 minutes in project analytics. (1 day = 8 working hours*60) = 480 minutes

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