One constant pain point for IT teams is the lack of project progress visibility and progress visibility delays that could cause critical project losses. 

With Project Analytics, you can get a consolidated view of all projects, project tasks & time entries, deep dive into your data and obtain insights, specific to your business objectives.

Project Analytics lets you build reports and customize them the necessary way with the flexibility to pick the metrics you want to track with minimal effort. 

How to Access Project Analytics?

Step 1: From the left navigation bar, hover on Reporting.

Step 2: Project Analytics can be accessed Reporting drop-down menu as shown in the below image.

Unable to see Project Analytics? 

You need to have the proper permissions in order to view Project Analytics in the  sub-menu. 

Check if you have the below permission, if you cannot view Project Analytics:

Under Roles -> Permissions -> Reports -> View and manage project task reports.

How is Project Analytics different from Freshservice Analytics?

Project Analytics allows you to build reports and derive insights on your projects that are listed under the Freshservice new-gen Project Management module. Freshservice Analytics on the other hand allows you to build reports and study the health of your overall service desk.

Project Analytics has most of the features that are available in Freshservice Analytics. The enhancements available in Project Analytics are relevant only to project insights. 

The methodology to build reports and all related concepts are however, common on both Project Analytics and Freshservice Analytics.

Concepts and Terminologies used in Analytics

Terminologies in Project Analytics can be found here.

Project analytics, give you access to ‘All Reports’ that includes reports created called 'Private Reports’, reports shared called ‘Shared Reports’, reports owned called ‘Owned Reports’ and preconfigured reports called ‘Curated Reports’.

Curated reports include two preconfigured reports namely, ‘Project Summary Report’ and ‘Weekly overview of Project Tasks’ report. These two give you a bird’s eye view of all projects and project tasks and weekly statuses at a glance. 

Apart from this, you can create reports, customise them as well as share them with relevant stakeholders.

All the above reports work across projects, and enable you to analyze at an overall project level.

Customization in Project Analytics

A host of custom fields can be boarded onto Analytics such as Number, Date, Dropdown, Text along with all default Project related fields.

Note: Field types ‘Paragraph’ and ‘Checklist’ are not supported within Project Analytics.

Analytics automatically picks the best visualization for your data set but if you'd like to change it, you can do it by editing chart types.

Note: The efforts for project tasks inside the new-gen project management can be calculated on a day, week, and minutes. But while accessing it inside, the "project analytics" will be displayed only in minutes. 

For instance: 1-day effort for a project task will get converted to 480 minutes in project analytics. (1 day = 8 working hours*60) = 480 minutes

The below section details out the latest enhancement within Analytics:

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