With requester groups in Freshservice, you can handpick the set of requesters, and provide selective privileges within the portal such as restricted access to service items, solutions folder, announcements and raise employee onboarding requests

How to create requester groups?

  • Navigate to Admin -> User Management -> Groups

  • Click on Create New > Requester Group   

  • Enter details such as name and description of the group 

  • Next, choose how you wish to add the members to the requester group

Adding Members based on Rules: Here, you can filter requesters based on conditions and add them if they fulfil any or all rules.

Choose Members Manually: You can search for requesters from different departments or locations and add them to the group.

Note: Once you choose an option (for eg: choose members manually) on how you wish to add your members to the requester group, you will not be able to change that option later.

For Adding Members based on rules:

  • Once you choose the Automatically add members based on rules option, you can add details such as name and description.

  • Next, select conditions based on which you can filter your requesters and click Save to add the requesters to the group.

For Choose Members Manually:

  • Once you choose the Choose Members Manually option, you can add details such as name and description

  • Next, search for the requesters by name and then click Save to add the requesters to the group.

How to remove a requester from a group?

  • In the requester group, you can hover over the requester name and click the remove icon and click Update to have the requester removed.

Note: You can only delete requesters for the Choose Members Manually option.

How to edit/delete a requester group?

  • Navigate to Admin -> Groups -> Requester Groups

  • Hover over the requester group you wish to edit/ delete and click Edit (or) Delete icon based on the action you wish to perform.