Freshservice is not just for IT and internal support; you can use it to support your customers as well! The MSP Mode gives you all the power of Freshservice’s ticketing and asset management systems, while allowing each of your customers to receive personalized services from you.

How Do You Turn the MSP Mode On?

  • Navigate to Admin > Account Settings > Account.
  • On the Other Details Tab, click on Switch to MSP under Account Mode.
  • A confirmation message will appear. Read through it and click on “Switch”.

Great, That’s Done! What Does the MSP Mode Offer?

Most of the configuration steps for the MSP Mode are the same as the default (Service Desk) mode. In addition to those steps, you’ll need to configure the following as well. 

Your Customers Become "Companies" in Freshservice

Each of your customers/clients will be added to Freshservice as a company. You can create and manage companies by navigating to Admin > User Management > Companies.

Once you create companies, you can associate tickets, problems, changes, releases, assets, and contacts with them. Look for the “Company” field on the right side panel of each of these modules.

You can also restrict access to solutions and tickets for your contacts using company-based contact groups.

Offer Each Customer a Personalized End-User Experience

You can create multiple support portals from Admin > General Settings > Support Channels > Support Portals.

Each portal uses a different URL, CNAMED as an alias of

The service desk name, branding, logo, look-and-feel, and authentication method of each of the portals can be customized to match the corresponding to the customer.

Associate Contacts to Companies based on Email Domain

When a new contact is created, they can be automatically associated with a company (or department) based on the domain in their email address. For instance, Cedric Diggory, a new contact whose email address is can automatically be associated with the company Hogwarts, based on the component of their email address.

You can find out more about this feature here.

Associate Service Desk Email Addresses to Companies

You can create multiple service desk email addresses from Admin > Support Channels > Email, and associate each of them with a company, which would automatically associate tickets received by that email address to the corresponding company. 

Apps! Apps! Apps!

We have apps that help you track time, track your contract hours with each customer, perform accounting and billing, collaborate with chat and remote assistance, integrate CRM applications, and much much more!

Need the data and configuration of each of your customers to be isolated? Check out our Multi-Account Freshervice Experience for Managed Services Providers!