If you are an MSP, you can switch your Freshservice account from service desk mode to MSP mode. Once you do that, you can manage tickets from your client companies. 

To add a new company:
  • Login to Freshservice as an Admin.

  • Go to Admin > User management > Companies.

  • Click on Add New Company.

  • Enter the company's name and a brief description.

  • Enter the names/email addresses of the points of contact from the organisation- the department head and a prime user.

  • Once you're done, click Save.

The next step is to add your contact from the client organisation in Freshservice.

  • Go to the Admin tab and click on Contacts

  • Click on the New Contact button.

  • Fill in all the details of the contact like Name, Email, Job Title etc.

  • As you start typing the company name, relevant suggestions will be displayed. Click the right one from the list.

  • Optionally type in his phone numbers, timezone and background information.

  • Once done, click on Save.

While in MSP mode, you'll also be able to access integrations like Google Analytics, Salesforce and SugarCRM. You can access them through Admin > Integrations.