If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you can use your Freshservice account to manage your clients and the services you provide.

Switching your service desk to MSP mode:

When you switch to the MSP mode, you can create multiple portals for your clients, each with a unique URL and a customized interface. You can also set up dedicated support email addresses for them.

Besides, the following integrations will also be available for your account:

  • SugarCRM

To enable MSP mode,

1. Log in to your Freshservice account as an Admin.

2. Go to the Admin -> Account Settings -> Account Mode

NOTE: Given that MSP mode does not support Business agent license, the 'Account Mode' option will not be available in your account, in case you have added a Business agent license.

3. Change your account to MSP mode by selecting the Managed Services option.

When you make the switch, "Departments" is renamed to "Company" and "Requesters" is renamed to "Customers" for all intents and purposes.

Switching back to the Service desk mode

You can switch back in a similar way by going to Admin  Account Settings   Account Mode and selecting the Employee Support option.


When you switch from MSP mode to service desk mode, you lose the following information.

  • If you have created multiple portals for your clients, they will be deleted permanently.
  • All the integrations you made with Google Analytics, Salesforce, SugarCRM or Google Contacts will be lost.
  • All the support email addresses assigned to companies will be removed.

Besides, "Company" and "Customers" will be renamed back to "Departments" and "Requesters" respectively.