The “Phone” has become an integral channel in an IT service desk as it instantly brings customers much closer to the support team. Thereby integrating Freshcaller and Freshervice would save agents a considerable amount of time.

With this integration, agents can get a context of existing tickets related to that contact, transfer calls, set up an IVR and much more.

How to integrate? (For Admins)

In order to enable the integration, 

  • Log in as an account admin or admin into your Freshservice account.
  • Navigate to Admin -> Support Channels -> Phone.

  • Now you will be asked to choose from the two options:

Connect existing account: If you already have an existing Freshcaller account, you can enter the Freshcaller domain URL, email address and password to sign in.    


Create a new account: If you’re new to Freshcaller, you can click this option in order to sign up for a free trial.

  • Now add agents to your Freshcaller account based on the number of licenses purchased. (We also indicate once the license count is below fifteen, so you can manage or purchase more, accordingly) 

  • Click on Manage Settings in Freshcaller on the right side to go to your Freshcaller account.

  • You are directed to the rules page in Freshcaller, where you can configure the rules of the numbers you’ve purchased.

  • If it’s a new account, you can buy numbers, set up call queues and IVRs before getting started.

  • You can go to Admin-> Service Desk Rebranding ->Service Desk Phone to add the service desk number for employees to reach out to you.

  • Agents for whom the Freshcaller is enabled can see the phone icon on the left side.

  • Now, make calls seamlessly and also view the call logs in both Frehservice and Freshcaller. You can also monitor metrics such as wait time, handle time, call cost and much more.

How to use this integration

  • Once integrated, all recent calls (including the ones made from Freshcaller) are listed out for a quick reference or you can use the widget’s search bar to call a specific number or contact.
  • Agents can perform conventional actions such as pause, mute, add notes and transfer calls during the call.

  • When on call, the agent can click the recent tickets or recent calls option from the widget to get a quick view into that contact’s recent tickets or calls.

  • Agents can click on the “+” symbol to create a new ticket, request for a service item or add to an existing ticket while they are on an ongoing call.

  • Agents can also take the calls via browser or mobile or choose to go offline if they’re unavailable to take calls from within the widget.

  • Finally, agents can also listen to the call recording from the ticket in Freshservice.

Perks of this integration

  • Access recent tickets and calls: With this option, you can view the recent calls and tickets related to that contact from within the widget.
  • Link calls to existing tickets or create a new ticket: Now agents can link the call to an existing ticket or create a new ticket right away without any further delay.

  • Convert voicemails or missed calls into tickets: Now all your voicemails and missed calls be automatically converted into tickets, so agents need not worry about missing out calls and get back to them once they’re active.  

  • Add call queues: This lets you route your calls to perform a certain action such as voicemail, hangup, or smart escalations when the agents are busy.

  • Set up IVRs: Adding an IVR (Interactive voice response) to your call receiving system ensures that customers get routed to the right agents, thereby increasing first call resolution and decreasing resources spent on call centers.

  • Smart escalations: You can now route calls to another active avenue (such as voicemail or a different team) based on the configured set of conditions and rules in Freshcaller. This way agents need not dread on accumulated missed calls and overflowing wait queues. 

  • Add a call recording to the ticket: You can add the call recording as an attachment to the ticket to avoid potential disputes and for quality assurance.

Heads up

  • Only account admins or admins of both Freshervice and Freshcaller accounts that have the same email address for both accounts can set up this integration.
  • Once Freshcaller is enabled for an agent in Freshservice, they will automatically get created as an agent in Freshcaller as well. But, if that agent is deleted from Freshservice they will not be automatically deleted from Freshcaller. 

  • This integration doesn't work for internet explorer and safari browsers.

  • For the integration to work, both Freshservice and Freshcaller accounts have to be in the same pod.

For any further details regarding this integration, you can visit