Delegating your approval privileges to a trusted team member is a valuable feature in Freshservice that allows for seamless transitions when you are unavailable or away from work. 

The Approval delegation can help you with just that. You can delegate your approval privileges to someone in your team and set the date and time until you wish to enable delegation and add notes or comments to your substitute at that given time.

Enabling/Disabling Approval Delegation

Here are the steps to enable/disable approval delegation in Freshservice:

  • Click on the profile icon on the top right corner, and go to Profile Settings
  • Click on Delegate Approvals and choose the individual to whom you wish to delegate your approvals, set the date and time, and add notes.

  • Click delegate to save the changes

    Delegating Approvals in Freshservice.

    Once that's done, an email notification will be sent to the person you've delegated your approvals to. The admin console will also display a notification regarding the approval delegation.

Viewing Approvals

You can view whom the authority was given to sanction approvals and for how long under the Approvals tab of the ticket.

Important Note: 
* A delegator can only delegate approvals to one individual at a time, but an individual can be a substitute for multiple delegators. 
* Once you finish setting up the approval delegation, the Delegate From date cannot be changed and is mandatory for delegating approvals. However you can update the Delegate Until date which is optional as needed.