Note: This feature is now in Beta

Disparate and time-consuming approval processes result in the lack of visibility to make quick purchase decisions. With multiple stakeholders involved in processing your purchase orders, you need to get them on a single page to review and approve purchase orders with complete context. 

You can now send out approvals right from the Approvals Tab of a purchase order. You can request stakeholders to approve, and also manage the approvals under the approvals tab. 

  • Navigate to the Approvals Tab of the purchase order for which you need to request approval.

  • Click on +Request Approvals. Now select the stakeholders who must approve your purchase order. Hit the Request button to send out the approval request.


Requesters and Agents in Freshservice can be approvers in the Purchase Order approval process.

  • On the top right corner of the Approvals tab, you can set conditions to define when your purchase order is considered approved. Choose one of these options:

      • Everyone has to approve

      • At least one has to approve

      • Majority has to approve

  • You can track and manage all the approvals for a PO under this tab. You can track the status of the approval and send out reminder emails if required. 

Approver’s view of the Purchase Order

Freshservice lets you send out approval emails with a purchase order’s complete context and all the associated documents in it. 

An approver gets an email with a public link which is a read-only format of the purchase order, where the approver can review the contents of the PO, files attached to it like vendor quotations and choose to approve or reject it right from there. An approver can also leave a comment when they are approving/rejecting the PO.

You can also download your purchase order and add attachments to it. Go ahead and try it!