Looking to implement IT Asset Management or automate cloud management? Look no further than Freshservice Discovery, an easy-to-use tool for IT asset management. The first step is to identify all the assets in your organization and maintain an inventory of these assets. Freshservice Discovery provides a powerful set of tools to help you do just that.

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Asset Discovery

The first step in implementing IT Asset Management is to identify all the assets in your organization and maintain an accurate inventory of these assets. You can use the Discovery feature in Freshservice to automatically scan assets such as computers, printers, scanners, and other network equipment in your organization. It also helps you keep this asset information up to date through periodic scans.

The Discovery Tools

Freshservice provides two tools, Discovery Agent and Discovery Probe, to help manage assets in your organization. 

    Discovery Agent

The Freshservice Discovery Agent is a lightweight application that can be installed in your         Windows, Mac, or Linux computers to track these assets and continuously update information about these machines in real-time. The agent updates Freshservice with the hardware and software information of the computers in real-time.  

    Discovery Probe

The Freshservice Discovery Probe is a Windows application set up in your organization's server. The Probe automatically scans and identifies any assets in your network through a domain or IP Range scan. Once the assets are identified the first time, these assets are then updated periodically based on the schedule that you can control.

If you already have Microsoft SCCM in your organization, the Discovery Probe integrates with SCCM out of the box and can be used to update the asset information in Freshservice. Using the probe, you can also connect to your Active Directory to sync your user information with Freshservice.

When to choose the Agent and when to choose the Probe?

The Freshservice Discovery Agent is useful if you want to manage all the computers in your organization using Freshservice. The agent continues to update Freshservice even if the computers, for example, a laptop, are removed from your network.

The Freshservice Discovery Probe, on the other hand, is useful to scan network assets, desktops, and servers that are not moved frequently. The probe can also be installed if you have more advanced requirements, such as syncing your users to Freshservice or integrating with SCCM.

You can also use a combination of both the Agent and the Probe to scan for assets in your organization. However, note that even though you may have Agents installed on a computer that is also scanned by the Probe, this asset will be updated only once in Freshservice, and there is no duplication of such assets.

Freshservice Cloud Discovery

Organizations are increasingly switching to cloud services when it comes to hosting their critical business applications. With the cloud offering better options to scale faster, save costs, and enhance security, cloud service adoption among organizations is growing tremendously.

On the flip side, as the number of applications on the cloud increases, it becomes a daunting task for the IT teams to monitor and manage these applications.

With Freshservice Cloud Management, IT teams can discover, manage, and automate all the Cloud resources across multiple cloud services/providers in a single unified platform. It also enables teams to get holistic visibility into cloud service dependencies and control cloud usage within your service desk to power service management and operations management processes. 

Note: Freshservice Cloud Management is available for all plans with the inventory enabled (Growth, Pro, Enterprise)

Why Freshservice Cloud Management?

Multi-cloud Discovery -Discover cloud resources and their relationships in Freshserviceʼs 

inventory from different providers like AWS, VMware, and Azure. 

Unified Cloud Catalog -With an automation-powered cloud catalog, streamline and instantly 

resolve cloud requests such as powering on/off, resizing, requesting new VM instances, and much more.

Automate Cloud workload - Automate processes to provision, manage, and decommission cloud resources.

Critical Capabilities of Freshservice Cloud Management

Integrated CMDB 

With a CMDB tightly integrated with service delivery modules, resolve issues with complete visibility into cloud CIs and their relationships.

Identify orphaned resources 

With visibility into cloud resourcesʼ relationships, identify resources that are no longer in use and optimize them accordingly. 

Automated Cloud Catalog  

With an intuitive self-service cloud catalog, streamline and enable your employees with a single touch-point for all cloud requests, such as power on/off, de-provisioning, and automate request fulfillment end-to-end.

Agentless Cloud operations

Reduce rote work for your teams and deliver an effortless employee experience by automating provisioning, de-provisioning, and other cloud workload operations using Orchestration apps. 

Get started with Freshservice Cloud Management
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