Use the Azure Cloud discovery app to gain visibility into cloud resources such as Virtual machines, Disks, and more across your Azure Cloud accounts.


The Azure Cloud Discovery App discovers virtual assets across your Azure Cloud accounts and syncs them into the Freshservice CMDB, providing a single pane of glass to view and manage your cloud resources. The resources discovered today include:-

  1. Instances (Virtual Machines)

  2. Volumes (Disks)

  3. RDS

  4. Load Balancer

  5. Security Groups

  6. OS Templates and Images

  7. Networks (VPCs) and Subnets

  8. Network Interfaces

  9. Elastic Ip

  10. Azure Resource Group

  11. Azure Key Vault

  12. Azure Subscription

  13. Azure Application Gateway


A.  Register an App for your Azure account

1. Once you login into your account on the Azure portal, navigate to search for Azure >      Active Directory. 

2. On the active directory page in the left side panel, go to App Registrations > New         Registration.

3. Enter a suitable name for the integration and click on Register.

Note: We will be granting permissions for resources under a subscription to this app.

B.  Permissions to be granted


Assign permissions for your app (created in Prerequisite A), which will be used to authenticate calls to Azure. 

Go to the Azure portal, search for “Subscriptions''. Select your active subscription.

1. Click on Access control (IAM)

2. Select Role assignments

3. Click Add

4. Select Add role assignment

5. Select the role Reader

6. In the Select dropdown, search for the app name created in Prerequisite(A) 

7. Click Save

Now the app will have access to the resources under your active subscription.

Installation Parameters

  1. Client ID

  2. Key (Secret Key)

  3. Tenant ID

  4. Subscription ID

Steps to get the installation parameters:

All installation parameters can be found in the Azure portal.

  1. Login into your account on the Azure portal

  2. Navigate to search for Azure Active Directory. 

  3. On the active directory page, click on Overview 

  4. Copy Tenant ID in the left side panel.

  5. Select App Registrations > Open App

  6. Copy Application (client) ID

  7. Navigate to App Registrations > Certificates & secrets (left panel)

  8. Click on New client secret.

  9. Copy Value, which is your secret key.

  10. For the Subscription ID in Azure portal, search Subscriptions > Active Subscription > Copy Subscription ID.