Freshservice lets you post announcements to share updates with agents and end-users. This is particularly helpful for bringing teams up to speed with new releases and posting downtime alerts. You can schedule announcements to be published at a specific date and time. If the announcement is relevant only for a fixed period, you can also specify when it should be removed. Besides, you can even email critical announcements to agents, users, and third-party vendors.

To schedule and post announcements:

  1. Click Announcements on the top-right in your Dashboard. A slide-in window will appear on the right. 
  2. Click New Announcement
  3. Enter a Title and Description for the announcement.
  4. Specify a Start Date and Time for when the announcement needs to be published. 
  5. Specify an End Date and Time for when the announcement display needs to be stopped showing. 

You can choose to make the announcement visible just to the people it is relevant to- everyone, all agents or specific agents and groups/departments. Leave the box checked to notify them by email.

There might be vendors etc. that might not be added in Freshservice as agents or requesters, but still need to be updated about the announcement. You can add them as email recipients to notify them when the announcement goes live.

The announcement becomes active on the scheduled date and time. Agents can view all active and scheduled announcements on the Freshservice dashboard. They can browse through them using the previous/next arrows, or view a list of all announcements and filter them by their current status.

Note: Requesters will only be able to see active announcements on the self-service portal.