The default user fields that we ship with Freshservice can store a lot of information about your agents and requesters. However, you might also need store additional information about your users that is unique/specific to your organization. For instance, you might want to store each user's employee ID, workstation number or cost center. For these situations, custom fields help you get the job done.


With User Fields, you can now create custom fields that are applicable for both agents and requesters. For instance, if the workflow configured is based on requester fields they would also now work for agents set as requesters.


How Do I Add Custom Fields for Users?


  • Login to Freshservice as an Admin. Navigate to Admin -> User Management -> User Fields. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin -> Global Settings -> User Management -> User Fields.

  • Select the Requester Fields or Agent Fields tab and click on any custom field type (Date, for instance) from the menu to have it added to the form. You can also then re-order it if you wish to. 

  • You can add the following types of fields:

  • Single Line Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • Checkbox
  • Number
  • Dropdown
  • Date
  • Phone Number
  • URL

  • Enter the Field Labels for the requester fields/agent fields in the form. Check the box if you would want a particular field mandatory or editable by the requester and click Done. In case you’re adding a Dropdown field, provide the choices you would want to display in the form.  

  • Finally, click Save if you’re happy with how the form looks.

  • You can configure the behavior of the same field differently for agents and requesters by clicking on the field in the Agent Fields and Requester Fields respectively.



Heads Up!


  • Although you can edit and reorder the default fields for requesters, you cannot change the field label for a default field. 

  • You cannot edit or reorder any of the default fields for agents.

  • When you create a custom field for requesters the same field gets added for agents as well and vice-versa.

  • If you wish to display the existing requester custom fields on agent profiles, you will have to navigate to Admin -> Agents and click the edit icon next to the field name, and modify the configuration to do so.