This report shows you general information about how a selected customer has been submitting tickets and getting support from your helpdesk. It can be used to measure the general satisfaction level of the user and also to deduct whether he or she has any reason to be frustrated. Ideally, you don’t want to see any reds here.

Raising red flags:

Unnatural red flags

Compare this customer’s reports with others to see if the problem is concentrated just with this user.

Tickets by Source

This report shows you how incoming tickets from this customer are spread across your different support channels. It can be used to find if the customer is instinctively writing you emails, or accessing your knowledge base for information.  Ideally, you want a returning customers to post more queries on your portal, so that they can search through your solutions and find answers themselves.

Tickets by Priority

This report gives you an overview of the severity of tickets that the selected customer has raised in your support. It can be used to find out if the user is just making general enquiries or if he is actually getting frustrated by critical issues. Ideally, you want to have least number of urgent priority tickets as compared to low priority ones.

Raising red flags:

Too many high priority tickets

Understand this customer’s usecase to identify a possible workaround.

Tickets by Type

This report shows you a break up of the different kinds of tickets that this customer raised. Ideally you should have a steady progress from basic “how to” issues to more advanced problem areas as the customer becomes more experienced in your product offerings.