Once you have the Freshservice Probe up and running on one of your workstations, the ‘Results’ screen of the Discovery Probe is displayed. This screen is classified into 4 tabs to help you manage your assets efficiently.


The first tab you will see when you have started the network scan is the Devices tab, which displays the list of all assets one by one as soon as they get discovered. The list will show different types of devices including workstations, network routers, printers etc. along with their names and last scan information. You will also be able to see any error messages with respect to each configuration item in the list. 

Scan Errors 

The Scan Errors tab picks out every error that occurred during recent scans and displays them together for you to fix. Clicking on each one of them will give you a detailed report on what went wrong while the system was trying to add an asset. You will be able to modify the type of asset or change it’s credentials to get it working. You can also troubleshoot and figure out if there’s anything else wrong.

Scan Device 

The Scan Device button on the top right corner of the Devices/Scan Errors tab will let the user scan individual assets. 

Users can enter Local/Admin credentials by choosing the ‘Local credential’ radio button.

If a user chooses ‘Global Credentials’ then IPRange Scan or Domain Scan credentials should be used.


There is also a Domains tab, which lists out every unique domain address that has been identified during the scan. A progress bar on the right shows you if any of the scans are currently under progress. You can get a quick glance at the number of users who are present in the domain and the total number of assets that have been scanned so far. You will also be able to manually import users or scan the network again by using the buttons.

IP Ranges

Finally, the IP Ranges tab lets you add any new IP ranges to Probe and start scanning it along with any of the existing scans that might be running already. To avoid overlaps, please make sure you define new IP ranges that aren’t already being monitored. 

If you encounter any errors while scanning devices in the Discovery Probe, you can try troubleshooting these issues with the help of our troubleshooting guide.