An important part of managing the Discovery Probe is to stay up-to-date with the Probe status, configuration, and schedules to ensure everything is up and running. 

Probe Email Alerts enables you to track all activities related to scan errors, inactivity, and scheduled scan summaries, so you never miss out on any updates. This helps the respective agent or team to stay informed and take necessary actions to avoid any disruptions. 

Note: This feature will be available from Oct 31st, 2022 for probe version 4.14 and above. 

Types of Probe alerts 

                     Email alert



Error email alerts are sent out immediately when the probe encounters an error during a scan due to an invalid configuration or any unhandled exceptions 


Inactivity alerts are sent out if probe hasn’t communicated with Freshservice over a specified number of days. For example, when the probe server is shutdown or doesn’t have an active internet connection

Scheduled sync summaries 

Summary report of number of devices, domains,  IP ranges that are successfully scanned along with associated errors encountered during the last scheduled scan for both standard probe and sccm integration.

Types of Probe Status 




Indicates that the probe is installed; Freshservice is waiting for the communication/data from the probe


Indicates that the probe is currently turned off and is not scanning the assets.


Indicates that an error has occurred while scanning the assets.


Indicates that the probe is actively scanning and syncing data into Freshservice.


Indicates that the probe has not communicated with Freshservice over a specified number of days (uses a 2 day threshold by default) 

Steps to configure email alerts

  1. Navigate to Admin → Asset Management → Discovery

  1. Select the Probe tab.

  2. To turn on the Probe email alerts, click on the Edit icon across the configured probe. On the side bar, enable the email alerts toggle to receive the notification from the Probe. 

  1. Now choose a particular agent/requester from the Recipients drop-down field to whom notifications will be sent across. 

    Note: We can send email alerts upto 10 recipients for each probe configured. 

  2. Select the checkboxes below based on your requirements.

 a.Receive error report 

The error report is turned on by default to proactively notify admins about issues encountered during scans. For example - SCCM probe scan error due to invalid configurations as shown below

  b.Receive inactivity report if the probe is inactive for X amount of days. 

The probe polls Freshservice every hour to ensure that an active connection is maintained. If the probe fails to communicate with Freshservice over a specified number of days, an inactivity report will be sent notifying the respective recipients, and the probe will be moved to the inactive state.

Note: The number of days for the inactive report should be between 1 to 99
The inactive time period will be considered as days if it isn’t explicitly specified.

  c. Receive scheduled sync summary report. 

The sync summary report provides information about the last performed scan for both the standard probe and SCCM probe scans. It includes details such as the number of devices successfully scanned and associated scan errors, if present. Domain and IP range scan summaries are also included for the standard probe.


 6. Finally, hit the save button to update the configuration.