You can create tasks in Freshservice and assign them to different members in your team to make sure that they are in-line with whatever you want to do. 

For example, a Change Manager could create a task to a technician and ask him to submit the roll-out plan for a change beforehand. 

Similarly, a technician could leave a task for a manager asking him to approve his change in time for the upcoming release. 

Once you have created a task, the agent to which it gets assigned will receive an email reminder when it’s due. He will also be able to see it in his list of upcoming tasks on the Dashboard.

Quick guide to creating tasks and getting notified:

  • Open up any ticket, problem, change or release in your service desk.
  • Click on the Tasks tab below the original message.
  • Click on the Add Task button.
  • Type in a Name and Description for the task.
  • Choose the name of the agent you want to assign the task to from the drop down box. 
  • Define a particular due date and time for the task. 
  • Use the Notify Before dropdown to choose when you want the reminder to be sent. 
  • Click on the Add button to finish adding your task.