Perform operations on users, groups, and files or folders, and attach documents to your Freshservice tickets.


Orchestration apps let you automate repeatable tasks and actions that span across a diverse set of systems and applications using workflows. The list of actions supported for this app includes:

File and Folder Management    

  1. Attach Dropbox File to Ticket Note

  2. Copy File or Folder

  3. Create Folder

  4. Delete File Or Folder

  5. Get File Or Folder Metadata

  6. Upload Ticket Attachments to Dropbox

User Management    

  1. Add User To Groups

  2. Add User To Team

  3. Get Group

  4. Get Group Membership of User

  5. Get User by Email

  6. Remove User From Team

  7. Remove User From Groups

  8. Get Available Team Member Roles

Installation Instructions

Create an App

  1. Navigate to the Dropbox App Console(https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps/).

  2. Click on the Create app button.

  3. Under Choose API section, select Scoped Access.

  4. Under Choose the type of access you need, select Full Dropbox.

  5. Enter a name for your Custom App for eg : ‘Freshservice Orch’

  6. If you have a personal and a business account which are linked, you will be asked to select which account you want to own the app. Once you make a selection, you will be asked to sign in to that account.

  7. Click the Create app button. You will be redirected to the console for your app. 

    1. Take a note of the App key and App secret on this page. You will need to enter these into the credentials store. 

  8. Navigate to the Permissions tab and tick the following scopes and save

    1. Account Info - Permissions that allow your app to view and manage Dropbox account info

      1. account_info.write - View and edit basic information about your Dropbox account such as your profile photo

      2. account_info.read - View basic information about your Dropbox accounts such as your username, email, and country

    2. Files and folders(Permissions that allow your app to view and manage files and folders)

      1. files.metadata.write - View and edit information about your Dropbox files and folders

      2. files.metadata.read - View information about your Dropbox files and folders

      3. files.content.write - Edit content of your Dropbox files and folders

      4. files.content.read - View content of your Dropbox files and folders

    3. Team - Permissions that allow your app to access basic team information

      1. team_info.read - View basic information about your team including names, user count, and team settings

      2. Team_data.member - View structure of your team's and members' folders

    4. Files - Permissions that allow your app to view and manage your team's files and folders

      1. team_data.team_space - View and edit content of your team's files and folders

      2. files.team_metadata.write - View and edit information about your team's files and folders

      3. Files.permanent_delete - Permanently delete members' Dropbox files and folders

    5. Members - Read team memberships and member settings

      1. members.write - View and manage your team membership

      2. members.read - View your team membership

      3. members.delete - Remove and recover your team members' accounts

      4. groups.write - View and manage your team group membership, including removing and recovering member accounts

      5. groups.read - View your team group membership

Note: To work with the SaaS Discovery, the following scopes should be added

  • account_info.read

  • team_info.read

  • team_data.member

  • members.read

  • sessions.list

  • Events.read

Note:  Long-lived access tokens used in the DropBox API has been deprecated. Existing long live tokens will continue to work, while new token cannot be generated. 


  1. Add the Redirect URI under the OAuth2 Redirect URIs section. This step is required while configuring the credential store.

    1. Redirect URL: 

Note: For more information on the credential store, check out https://support.freshservice.com/en/support/solutions/articles/50000003816-centralized-credential-store

Add OAuth 2.0 credentials to the Freshservice Credential Store

  1. Navigate to Freshservice portal  Admin → Service Desk Productivity → Credential Store.

  2. Click on New Credential 

  3. Select App Name as Dropbox - Orch

  4. Enter Client ID and Client Secret(Create an App, step 7 - App Key and App secret)

  5. Click on Generate Token and Save, and a new tab opens asking for consent. Grant the consent.

Using Credentials in Dropbox Orchestration app

  1. After successfully configuring OAuth 2.0 credentials, navigate to the installation screen of the orchestration app

  2. Click on the credential dropdown and select newly created credentials or search with the name

  3. Freshservice Domain - The domain of your Freshservice tenant. 

Example: yourcompany.freshservice.com

  1. Freshservice API Key - Login to your Freshservice tenant. Click on your Profile icon ->Profile Settings on the right side pane, under "Your API Key" complete the captcha and copy your API key.