It takes only a couple of clicks to use a canned response in one of your replies. But remember, you will have to create them beforehand and have them ready.

Quick guide for using a canned response in a ticket:

  • Click on any ticket from the dashboard or the ticket list.

  • Click on the Reply button from within the ticket.

  • Click on the speech bubble icon at the right top corner of the text field to insert a Canned Response.

  • A lightbox appears with a list of available canned responses.

  • Click on the response you would like to add to the reply.

  • The pre-formatted reply template, along with dynamic content is now added to the reply, ready to be sent to the customer.

  • Hit the Send button to send your canned response to the requester.

To know more about how to create templates for Canned Responses or how to include dynamic placeholders in Canned Responses, you can refer the articles here.