Placeholders let you add dynamic content and personalize your automated emails in Freshservice. For example, you could compose personalized emails that refers to the customer by her first name, has the link to her ticket mentioned for convenience and keeps her updated about status changes. This is a great way to keep the conversation context in place.

Placeholders are available to be used with Email Notifications (which are sent to customers automatically) and Canned Responses (which you insert to ticket replies manually). Look out for the "Insert Placeholder" button in either of these pages to see which one's are available.

Here is a complete list of placeholders available in Freshservice:

Placeholder text

What it represents


Unique ticket ID generated for each ticket


Subject of the ticket


Description content in the ticket


URL of the ticket for logged in users


Public URL to view the ticket without logging in


URL of the ticket within the corresponding product portal


Current Status of the ticket in the helpdesk


Current priority of the ticket


Source of the ticket (Email, Phone, Portal, etc.)


Type of the ticket


Tags that have been added to the ticket


The time by which a resolution is due on this ticket (set by SLA rules)


The (full) name of the customer or ticket requester


Only the first name of the requestor


Only the last name of the requestor


Email address of the requester


Company or Organization to which the requester belongs


Requester phone number


The Group to which the ticket has been assigned


The Agent to whom the ticket has been assigned


Email address of the assigned agent


The latest public comment that has been added to the ticket


Name of the support portal specified under Helpdesk Rebranding


Name of the product portal (when using multiple products)


Product specific description in multi-product setup


Inserts a customer satisfaction survey to the message

Custom Ticket Fields:

Dynamic content placeholders can be used for custom fields as well.


Custom Field - Category (example)


Custom Field - Order Tracking Code (example)

These are the default placeholders available in Freshservice. In addition, every custom field you create under Ticket Fields will get a placeholder of its own. It will get added to the placeholders list in the Email Notifications and Canned Responses pages automatically once you have saved changes to the ticket form.