There are two types of agents access in Freshservice- “Full-Time” or “Occasional”

Let’s find more about them.

Full-time Agents:

Full-time agents are the core technical and operations team who log in to your service desk every day to handle the support.

Occasional Agents:

Occasional agents login at irregular intervals to either monitor the task or when their involvement is required during a certain period, such as the supervisor or the visiting maintenance technician. This way, people from other departments in your business like development and troubleshooting can login and focus on the specific issues and requests from time to time. That too, without having to purchase additional agent access for an entire month.

You can add an unlimited number of Occasional Agents in your help desk and not be charged for these agents every month. Instead, the occasional agent will use up one Day Pass for every day that they log into your support portal. You can purchase additional Day Passes in bulk and allow your occasional agents to use them up as and when they need to login.

You can purchase Day Passes in bulk from Admin → Day Passes. Note that you can set the visibility permissions for Occasional Agents too, and they can be restricted from accessing the different sections in your service desk.

The occasional agent uses up a Day Pass for every day they log into the support portal. The pass is valid only for the day and expires at the end of the day (00:00 hrs), irrespective of the time when you had first logged in for the day. The remaining time does not get carried over to the next day and an occasional agent will not be allowed to login once the day pass expires.

The EOD (End of Day) is based on the time zone of the occasional agent.
For any additional day passes, you’ll have to pay $3 to $18 depending on your plan.

Note: All prices are exclusive of applicable taxes

Here are the prices for day passes: