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What are Recipes?

Recipes are essentially automation tools for business tasks. They are workflows that link your different business applications, making processes more efficient. For example, a recipe can handle complex tasks like automating employee onboarding by connecting apps like Workday, Freshservice, and Active Directory. Recipes are made up of triggers, apps & app connections, and actions. 

What is a Job?

When a live recipe responds to a trigger event and carries out its sequence of actions, it generates a job. Each job is associated with a distinct trigger event and follows the recipe's logic using the provided data. For instance, it might execute conditional actions like If...Then based on the available data. Jobs can also be rerun, especially in situations where an error prevents a job from completing successfully. 

Note: All tasks done in rerun jobs are counted as tasks.

What are Tasks?

A task is a unit of work that occurs every time a recipe performs an action that requires a compute resource. For example, using an API call to create/update/search/delete a user is a task. A recipe can have multiple such actions to complete the workflow.

Task Rules

  • All successfully run actions in a job are counted as tasks and failed actions are not counted.
  • All successfully run actions in ‘called’ recipes will be counted
  • All successfully run actions via jobs rerun (for example, UI, API, recipe operations) are counted
  • Successfully run actions in a failed job are counted. For example, if the job fails at step 5, steps 1 to 4 will be counted.

Example of how tasks will be counted in a recipe

Total tasks = 4 (Step 2 + Step 4 + Step 6+ Step 8)

Table 1: A breakdown of how tasks are counted with the different recipe steps

TriggerWill not be counted as a Task
Trigger ConditionsWill not be counted as a Task
Search/Create/Update/Get/Upsert/Lookup etc.
Task is incremented by 1 for each of these Actions
Actions in repeat (for each loop)
The Task is incremented by 1 for every action in the loop.
Control statement (If, Error monitor, stop)
Will not be counted as a Task
Batch/bulk operations
Task is incremented by 1

How are tasks counted in a recipe job? 

The number of tasks counted in a job depends on the specific trigger event data and the logic of the recipe. Each successfully executed action in the recipe contributes to the task count.

How to purchase tasks? 

You can get started with a one-time free credit of 500 tasks. However, if you need additional tasks, you will need to purchase these tasks. They are available as an add-on and priced at $80 for 5k tasks valid till your billing cycle. You can purchase multiple packs of 5k tasks and these are recurring with your billing cycle (annual/monthly).

Table 2: Connector App Tasks Add-On Pricing Across Currencies