Users can manage and add new custom swimlanes if required apart from the default, "Open", "In Progress" , “In Review” and "Closed" columns. For instance, you can have an additional column named "Testing". Additionally, users can also map it to statuses for it to reflect on the board.

Below are steps on how to add columns to your board:

 Step 1: Click on the three dots icon and select "Add column"

Step 2: Click on “Add column” again to create a swimlane

Step 3: Edit and give your swimlane a name eg. Testing

Step 4: Once the swimlane 'Testing' is created, you will have to map it to a status for it to reflect on the board. 

Important note: You need to have at least one custom status created in order to have a custom swimlane. Follow the above steps for custom status creation.

Once you have a custom status created, say by the name of 'Testing', it will start appearing on the left side bar as shown below.

Step 5: Map your status to your column easily with  a drag and drop and click on save

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