Note: Applicable only for accounts on employee support mode, have workspaces enabled, and have more than one workspace created. 

Click here to view the workspace admin guide to manage agents within a workspace.  

You can use Agent Groups in Freshservice to add and organize agents within a workspace, define workflows, and enforce access separation. Create multiple agent groups based on the agents’ skills, the services provided, or the regions and time zones that they’re associated with. 

Create a new agent group: 

  1. Navigate to workspace under Workspace settings > User management > Agent groups. 

  2. Click on ‘Create New’ 

  1. Fill in details like group name, description, etc. 

  1. You can also look up agents and add agents to groups from this page as members or observers. 

Members: Agents added as Members to a group can perform actions within the group based on their role Scope & permissions. They can view and access tickets, can be assigned tickets, and work on other items (tasks, problems, changes, releases, assets) that belong to the group.

Observers: Agents added as Observers to a group can access tickets, assets, changes, and other items that the group owns based on their roles and scope within the service desk. However, they cannot be assigned any work items within the group either explicitly or by automatic round-robin assignment.

  1. Click Save, and you can find the list of groups in the list view. 

Edit an agent group: 

  1. Navigate to Workspace settings > Admin settings

  2. Click Agent groups under User Management. You will find a list of agent groups. 

  3. Click on the name of the group. This will take you to the Group Details page.
    Alternatively, you can click Edit next to the group of your choice. 

  4. Click Update once you’ve finalized your changes. 

Delete an agent group: 

  1. Navigate to Workspace settings > Admin settings

  2. Click Groups under User Management. By default, the agent groups will be listed.

  3. Click on the delete icon next to the group of your choice. A confirmation message will appear.

  1. Click OK to proceed with the deletion.

Things to Note: 

  • Agent groups can be configured only within a workspace. 

  • Every ticket coming into Freshservice has to be assigned to a workspace (mandatory), followed by a group within the workspace and an agent within the group, in that order. 

  • Accounts created after the 7th of December will not have the option to restrict groups, while they can restrict workspaces to protect sensitive information from being accessed by account-wide admins.