Hardware requirements for devices scan:

Total devices\Parameters
Hard disk
Network Bandwidth
250 or below2 core/4 threads2 GB2 GB1 Mbps
5004 core/8 threads4 GB4 GB1 Mbps
10004 core/8 threads4 GB8 GB1 Mbps
20004 core/8 threads8 GB16 GB1 Mbps
40006 core/12 threads8 GB32 GB 1 Mbps
60008 core/16 threads8 GB64 GB1 Mbps
1000016 core/32 threads16 GB124 GB1 Mbps

NOTE: The above-mentioned hardware should be exclusive, shared hardware in the Virtual Machines will not work as specified.

The above chart is created by considering the approximate time the machine configuration will consume to scan the device, the time taken to sync the device details with the Freshservice, the required RAM capacity, and hardware disk space to ensure the probe is not crashing while installing it. 

Approximate scan time for various environments:

     Multiple factors affect the time taken to a network via the probe.  The following are factors:

  • Local Network traffic(not internet).
  • The number of logical processors/cores.
  • The number of scannable devices in the network.

      Considering these factors, we can calculate the approximate time the probe will consume to run a scan against a network/domain.   Here is the formula:

                                            N / P + ( N / P * (T / 100)) seconds.

  • - Number of devices to be scanned.
  • - Number of logical Processors.
  • - Average round trip time taken while pinging the network device. in milliseconds (ms).
  • For example, in a network, there are 100 devices, one logical processor, and the round trip time is 120 ms, then the approximate time will be :
    • N / P + ( N / P * (T / 100)) = 100 / 1 + ( 100 / 1 * ( 120 / 100 ) )
    •                                              = 100 + (100 * 1.2)
    •                                              = 100 + 120
    •                                              = 120 seconds.  will be the approximate time taken to scan this network.

     To find a number of logical processors(P) in windows: open the Task Manager Performance tab, the Logical processors will be listed.

To find the Average round trip time taken while pinging the network device(T), we can randomly ping a few network devices and the ping command which will return an average round trip time. We then have to find the average of all the devices that we pinged. Instead of pinging devices randomly, pinging one or more devices as per their different physical locations/different network, will be more accurate.

User Import:

     According to our testing, even 40k users will take around 1 hour to import for a 2-core processor.  So there are not many recommendations for user import.  Since the AD users don't have much data when compared to devices and also network traffic will not affect this User import much.  

SCCM Probe:

     As the AD user import, SCCM devices import will be the same, around 40k devices itself will take around 2 hours.  So there will not be much to recommend, maybe the Harddisk memory, RAM, and Network will remain the same as the standard probe's requirement.

Total devices\Parameters
Hard disk
Network Bandwidth
250 or below2 GB2 GB1 Mbps
5004 GB4 GB1 Mbps
10004 GB8 GB1 Mbps
20008 GB16 GB1 Mbps
40008 GB32 GB 1 Mbps
60008 GB64 GB1 Mbps
1000016 GB124 GB1 Mbps