Freshservice is a cloud-based service desk app that can be accessed through a web browser or as a mobile app. Here's a list of prerequisites to make sure you have a seamless experience while using Freshservice.

Supported Browsers for the web app:

  • Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Microsoft EdgeLatest 2 versions

By default, Freshservice web portal is accessible via port 443.

Supported OS for mobile apps:

  • iOS 10 and higher
  • Android 7.1.1 and higher

Discovery Probe:

The system requirements to install the Discovery Probe can be found here.

Ports and Protocols

For successful discovery, the probe should be able to ping the devices. To collect details about the devices, we use various protocols like WMI, SSH and SNMP




WMI (Windows Platform)
135, 445 and 1024 or above
Local administrator or domain administrator role for WMI credentials
SSH (Mac,Linux)
SSH credentials
SNMP (network devices like printer, router, switch etc)
Read only

Note: WMI is controlled by RPC and DCOM settings. RPC dynamic port allocation will use a random port above 1024. Opening all of the ports above 1024 is not feasible. However, you can restrict the access by adding entries manually in the registry. Refer to this Microsoft article for instructions.

Discovery Agents

The system requirements to install the Discovery Agents can be found here

Note: The Freshservice portal should be accessible from Probe Server or agent machines for the discovery tools to work.