Note: This solution article is relevant for only those users who joined Freshservice before mid-Aug 2022.

The all-new report builder experience

Freshservice Analytics is getting a makeover with simpler and faster report building experience.  We are introducing a revamped interface to make your Analytics experience simpler with easier navigation, collaboration, feature discoverability and faster with lesser number of clicks & transitions.

Why are we changing the interface?

We are introducing a new and improved user interface of the analytics to ease customer’s report building experience. Now users can build and navigate reports faster and simpler with fewer clicks and transitions.

What’s changing?

  1. Create reports faster

  1. Slice and dice with ease

  1. Collaborate seamlessly

  1. Navigate effortlessly

1. Create reports faster

We’ve brought about some significant improvements to make your report building experience simpler and faster

1.1. New Report Creation Flow

Earlier, there were a  number of steps and transitions for building a report. 

The new report creation flow is optimized to help you create reports seamlessly. 

(The number of clicks has been reduced from 10 to 5)

  • You can now get straight to creating a report by clicking on the ‘New Report’ button. Instead of having to give it a name right at the beginning,  you can name the report at your convenience, using the editable name field in the top left navigation bar.

  • By default, any report created will now be a private report. Users can make it public by sharing the report with their colleagues.
  • Also, when analyzing reports, a common spot of confusion was figuring out whether you were ‘Viewing’ or ‘Editing’ a report. We’ve gone ahead and fixed the text on the button for you to easily identify that.

1.2. Easy Widget configuration

We’ve brought about a flurry of improvements when it comes to creating and configuring widgets.

1.2.1. New Widget creation

Earlier you were asked to ‘save’ a widget before you had even configured it. 

  • We have fixed that for you and now you won’t get any prompts to save your widget(s). You can first configure your widget and then save the final result.

  • Going forward, you can also edit the widgets straight from the Reports page without having to make multiple clicks on the widgets pane on the right side.

1.2.2. Revamped Widget Pane with ‘Gallery’

Earlier, it was easy to miss the Existing widgets and widget Templates within the widget pane. 

This update also sees the widget pane get a new look that makes it easy for you to add a new widget from Gallery or create one from scratch. Gallery offers options to explore popular widget  templates or existing widgets.

Resize Widgets in all directions 

You will now have the flexibility to resize widgets in any or all four directions instead of just  the bottom right.

More granular sizing

We’ve improved the granularity of our grids so you can have more control over the number of widgets you add & their respective size.

Expand mode for Widgets

You can now expand a widget from the Report page and also edit the expanded widget.

Quick edit and switch between widgets

You can now edit widgets with a single click in the report-view through the side panel for chart configuration and also switch between widgets in the same screen. 

2. Slice and dice with ease

Slicing and dicing data to get valuable insights is one of the most distinguished features of  Freshworks Analytics. We’ve upgraded its capabilities further to make it an even more delightful experience than before.

Filtering options (like Drill Down and viewing Underlying Data) from Report page

You can now filter data using Drill Down and View Underlying Data right from the report page instead of having to separately open a widget. 


3. Collaborate seamlessly

Collaborating with your team-mates is going to be easy as a breeze with these improvements:

3.1. Sharing options (like Export and Schedule) from report page

We have introduced collaboration capabilities like ‘Export’ and ‘Schedule’ for a widget directly from the Reports page. Even better, they are a single-click away.

3.2. Enhanced Presentation Mode

Earlier the presentation mode offered a full screen display but there was no option to control the duration.

You now have a lot more control with your presentations in the Presentation Mode. You can pre-set timings like 5,10,15,30,60 seconds when presenting. You can also choose to pause, skip to a particular page or even return to report view anytime during presentation.

4. Navigate effortlessly

We also have a host of enhancements for a make navigation and feature discoverability a smooth experience:

4.1. Instant Navigation between reports

Accessing your existing reports just got much easier with our new ‘Instant Navigator’.  You can access this by clicking on the hamburger icon on the top left navigation bar at any point of report building. You can use the instant navigator to create new reports, search for existing reports and also filter and sort reports.

4.2. Minimalist top navigation bar 

Earlier, the top navigation bar had a lot of icons making it overwhelming for users.

We have now taken a cleaner and minimalist approach for our top navigation bar with options re-categorized under drop-downs.

4.3. Contextual information on side panel 

Earlier there was a standard display on the side panel for the report page or widget page. 

With this update, the side panels get a rehaul as well with contextual edit options  depending on whether you have selected a chart widget, text or image widgets, a group of widgets or no widget at all.

We hope these new updates make your report building experience simpler and faster and we hope to bring many such updates in the future too! 

Have a delightful data analysis experience!