Managing your data in multiple tools is always a challenge. With your SaaS applications managed in a different tool or on a spreadsheet, your service delivery gets decoupled from your SaaS management platform resulting in disparate data and processes.

With Freshservice’s SaaS Management add-on, get a 360 view of your organization's SaaS footprint by seamlessly discovering and managing all your SaaS apps in a unified platform. 

SaaS Discovery in Freshservice enables:

  • Integrate with identity providers to discover your SaaS sprawl

  • Direct integrations with leading SaaS apps to collate granular, app-specific usage data in a single place. 

  • Enrich discovered data to easily identify redundant and duplicate apps

To get started with discovering your SaaS applications, head to Admin > SaaS Management.

Integrating with Identity Providers

Freshservice’s SaaS discovery integrations with identity providers enable accurate and reliable user and usage data discovery for all SaaS Apps managed via identity providers. With these integrations you can:

  • Discover, track and classify the apps that employees authenticate using the identity provider.

  • Manage users, licenses, and data for these apps in the software asset management module.

  • Track their 60-day login history in Freshservice with 24-hour sync ensuring updated information. 

We currently support integrations with four identity providers. You can get started with integrating them by using the linked documentation below:

Integrating Directly with SaaS Applications

With Freshservice’s direct integrations, track granular, app-specific usage activity about how employees are using each app by integrating directly with the SaaS Application. Discover user and usage data directly from the source application instead of relying on just logins to track the same. 

We currently support direct integrations with seven applications. You can get started with integrating them by using the linked documentation below:

SaaS Discovery in Orchestration Apps

For applications like Zoom and Slack, if you purchase the SaaS Management add-on you can enable SaaS discovery to track in-depth usage data from these applications. 

To enable this:

  • Navigate to Admin > Apps  or Admin > SaaS Management.

  • Open an application with SaaS Discovery enabled. 

  • On the installation page, enable the SaaS discovery toggle. 

  • You will be asked to verify your domain to check if your account has the SaaS Management add-on. 

  • Follow the steps on the screen to verify. Once done, the application will be enabled for SaaS discovery and you can view the usage in the software module. 


You can integrate with multiple accounts / integrations for the same application by navigating to Admin > Apps > App of your choice and clicking on Add new under the Settings tab.

For more information about direct integrations for SaaS Management, you can refer to our articles here.