Properties of a task in the new-gen project management can be customized using Forms and Fields. A form is a collection of multiple fields that become properties of tasks. You can create multiple forms with varying fields and associate them to task types.

Example: For the task type "bug", you can create a new form called "Bug form" and create fields like "Number of affected users", "Affected devices", etc. inside the form. Once the form is created, associate it to the type "bug" from Type settings. Now whenever users create a new bug, they will see the new fields.

In projects, you can either create a new form or edit an existing form to match your team's needs. Let’s see how to create a new form in the first section and how to edit an existing form in the second section. 

How to create a new form?

If you are the project manager,

1. Go to Project Settings > Forms and Fields

2. Click on "+ New".

3. Give your form a name and description.

4. Create a new field inside a form

Once you are inside a form,

a. Click on "+ Field"

b. Choose a field type

c. Give your field a name and Save the field. Now the field is added to the form > Click "Save"

How to edit an existing form
Project Settings > Forms & Fields > click on the icon and select edit for making changes to the existing forms

Project admin can now create custom fields that they can use during project creation and can manage it from the project overview and settings. More information here

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