Freshservice allows you to track the software installed across your organization and compare these installations against the licenses purchased in your Organization. 

Here's how you can start tracking the software installations vs purchased licenses:

Step 1: Create software products for all licensed software

  1. For all the software that you want to track in FS, a software product has to be created in the product catalog. 
  2. In Admin -> Product Catalog, click Create Product.
  3. Create a new product with the correct Name (should match installation name in the devices).
  4. Save the product. 

Step 2: Maintain licenses purchased

  1. Once the product is created, click on the Licenses tab and create a new contract.
  2. Select the type as Software License and choose the license type and the count (if applicable). You can learn more about the different license types here.
  3. Once the contract is saved, the Purchased license count is updated in the product page.

Step 3: Discover installations of licensed software 

Once the product and the licenses are set up, you can scan the devices in your organization and all the software installations will be updated in Freshservice.

  1. You can discover all the software installed in your organization by using one of the discovery tools (Discovery Agent / Discovery Probe) in Freshservice. You can learn more about these tools here.
  2. Once a device is identified by discovery and updated in Freshservice, the software installed in the device is also updated within the device properties. 
  3. In the product page, the installations and the compliance status are updated. 

Step 4: Check compliance status

To know the compliance status of individual products, check the product page in Admin -> product catalog.

To know the consolidated compliance status of your organization, go to Reports -> Assets -> Software License Management report. This report gives you a consolidated list of all the licenses purchased in your organization and the corresponding compliance status. 

If there are any non-complaint software, then a dashboard notification will be displayed as show below.

Compliance Calculation

There are four compliance statuses that are recorded for every software


For volume licenses, if the Purchased count > Installed count, the software is compliant. For all the other licenses types, if the contract is valid and active, then the software is compliant. 

Nearing Non-Compliance

This status is displayed if the greater than 90% of the purchased license count has been consumed. This does not mean that you are out of compliance but just that you may need to keep track of this software and make any purchasing decisions soon.


This status indicates either the Purchased count < Installed count or that the licenses purchased have expired. This requires your immediate attention. The dashboard notification is also displayed if there are non-compliant software in your organization.


This status indicates that the software does not have any corresponding licenses associated (active or expired). These unlicensed software are also listed in the SLM report and you can take action on any software that may need licensing.