About Pricing

Will I be charged when I click on “Get Started” on the Freshservice admin page?

No, your card won’t be charged automatically by clicking on “Get Started”. You will get a 21-day trial of Freshrelease and once that is over, you need to explicitly go to Freshreleases’s plans and billing page and opt to pay for a plan.

What happens after the 21 day trial of Freshrelease ends?

Once your Freshrelease trial ends, you can opt to pay and subscribe to the Pro plan or choose the free Starter plan. However, the Freshservice integration is not supported on the Starter plan of Freshrelease.

Do Freshservice agents get free access to Freshrelease?

  1. Agents can get free access to your Freshrelease account if they need only a read-only view of tasks and to collaborate with @mentions.

  2. To run projects (IT or business) on Freshrelease and work on tasks, agents need to be regular paid users in Freshrelease.

How to add an agent as a free Freshrelease guest user?

1. Add the agent to Freshrelease from Freshservice.

2. Go to Freshrelease Account Settings > Users > Edit the agent's profile.

3. Choose user type as "Guest" and save.

Important: Guest access is free only for users who are already part of Freshservice and linked as part of the integration. Any other user you invite to Freshrelease as a guest will consume paid licenses.

What is the cost of one Freshrelease user?

The cost of one Freshrelease user is $5/user/month if you are on an annual subscription and $6/user/month if you are on a monthly subscription. Know more about Freshrelease’s pricing here,


As an admin of Freshservice, do I need to be a paid user in Freshrelease?

Yes. If you are the admin of your Freshrelease account, you need to be a paid user. This will allow you to control settings like project configurations, user management, integrations and much more.

Does this integration work on the Freshrelease Starter plan?

No. This integration works only on the Freshrelease Pro plan.

How do I use the integration if I’m on the Blossom and Garden plans of Freshservice?

The rich native integration between Freshservice & Freshrelease is available only from Estate onwards. If you are on the Blossom or Garden plans, please use this marketplace app instead 


What is the difference between a guest user and a regular user in Freshrelease?

Guest users - These users have read-only access to the projects they are invited to. They can create tasks, view existing tasks, and collaborate using comments on tasks. Also, they can only see the Project plan (roadmap) and Tasks inside a project.

Guest users are Free forever.

Regular users - Regular users can create and manage IT or Business projects, tasks, visualize progress on kanban boards, run sprints, and much more.

Freshservice agents who are marked as regular users will be charged in Freshrelease billing. By default, when agents are added to Freshrelease via the integration, they will be regular users but admins can always convert them to guests to give them free access to Freshrelease.

How can Freshservice agents get free guest access to Freshrelease?

  1. Navigate to Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Freshrelease in Freshservice Admin Settings.

  2. Add agents to Freshrelease under the Agents tab.

  3. Go to Project Settings in Freshrelease

  4. Under “Users” click to edit the agent. Change the user type to “Guest” and Save. 

The agent will no longer be charged in Freshrelease.

Difference between Regular and Guest users in Freshrelease when integrated with Freshservice


Guest user


Paid or Free?



Create new project



Can edit tasks



Can be assigned tasks in Freshrelease?



Can view tasks?



Can search tasks?



@mention in comments



Modify project settings


Only if they are project admins

Modify account settings


No, only account admins

Invite other users to account


No, only account admins