The Freshservice Probe lets you discover and manage all SNMP (v1, v2 & v3) devices on your network in the Assets database. 

The SNMP Devices supported in Freshservice are:

  • Switch
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Access Points
  • Firewall

For all the supported devices, interface information will be automatically fetched and updated under the device properties in Freshservice. For printers, additional information such as Input units, Output units, and Marker units will also be updated in every scan. This information can be accessed from the Components section of each device. For example, the component information for printers will look like this,

All other SNMP devices that are not supported are added to Freshservice under Hardware -> Other Devices -> SNMP. These devices will not be counted as managed assets.

Setting up the SNMP device scan in the Probe:

SNMP devices are automatically scanned when an IP range is scanned using the Freshservice Probe. If you have a dedicated SNMP string in your network, it can be specified while creating a new IP Range scan. If the SNMP string field is not filled out, the probe looks for devices in the default string "public". Learn more about scanning and discovering assets in your network here.

Manually changing the device type of your SNMP device:

In some cases, the SNMP device type may not be identified correctly. In such situations, the device will be listed under Hardware -> Other Devices -> SNMP

These devices can be moved to one of the supported device types by performing any of the following steps: 

Changing Device Type Individually:

  • Edit the device within Hardware -> Other Devices -> SNMP and manually change the device type to the required one. Once the device is moved to the correct CI type, the components of the device will get automatically updated and the device will now be included in the managed asset list.
  • In the Freshservice probe, choose the device whose device type should be changed and select the correct device type from the drop down. Re-scan the device. The device will now be moved to the correct location in Freshservice. 

Changing Device Type in Bulk:
  • In the device.csv file that can be found in the probe folder, add the OID of the device and specify the correct device type. During the next scan, all the devices with the OID specified in the device.csv file will be updated in the correct location in Freshservice automatically.