You can add all your technicians and managers as technicians to your service desk by clicking on the Agents icon under the Admin tab.

When you add a new agent, their role will determine the kind of access* they'll have in the service desk. If multiple roles are set for an agent, the higher level of access will apply. At the maximum restriction, you can choose to only allow agents to view tickets that have been assigned to them, or at the minimum, give them complete access to your help desk including the setup and configurations under the Admin tab.

A quick guide to adding agents to Freshservice:

  1. Login to your Freshservice account as an administrator.
  2. Go to Admin > Agents to start adding agents.
  3. Click on the New Agent button on the top.
  4. Specify if you want the agent to be full-time or occasional.
  5. Type in basic information about the agent, including name and email address.
  6. Add the agent to relevant groups.
  7. You can optionally add a profile picture and describe what the agent will be doing in the organization.
  8. In case you have enabled the gamification settings in Freshservice Arcade, you can let your experienced agents start with more points.
  9. Choose a role for the agent by clicking on the Associate Role button.
  10. Click on Save.

The agent will now receive an activation email in his mailbox which will help him in setting up a password and activating his account in your service desk.

View Agent Profile

Once you're done adding agents to your service desk, you can view their profile. This will contain details about the agent such as their email addresses, groups they belong to, badges they've received as a part of the arcade, etc. You can also view the tickets requested by them and the tickets and assets that have been assigned to them. 

Manage Group Memberships for Agents

The Create Agent (New Agent) and Edit Agent pages now provide the ability to:

  • Add an agent to one or more groups. 
  • View the groups that an agent is a member of.
  • Remove an agent from one or more groups.
  • The View Agent page now provides the ability to view the groups that an agent is a member of. 


  • Account Admins, Admins, and agents belonging to custom roles with the "Play God with Super Admin controls " privilege can view and modify group memberships for themselves and other agents.
  • Agents belonging to custom roles with the "Manage Agents" privilege (and without "Play God with Super Admin controls") can view group memberships of all agents but can modify group memberships only for other agents and not for themselves.

Remember, you will be charged every month only for the total number of full-time agent seats you have. You can allow occasional agents to log in to your help desk one-day at a time, by buying them day passes. Learn more about day passes here.

During your trial, you can directly add an unlimited number of agents to your account for free. After the trial, you will first have to purchase additional agent seats to add more full-time agents. Note that only the agent who “created” the Freshservice account will have access to account settings and be able to change plans or buy more agent seats.

Note: This change was implemented on March 9, 2017. If you signed up before this date, you might need to set the scope for the agent additionally.