Often your agents need to perform a series of actions or tasks before they can push a ticket to the next level. Scenario Automation in Freshservice let you perform a whole bunch of tasks with a single click, right from within a ticket. For example, you could have a scenario to process returns. With just a click, you can tag the ticket as "Returns", send a notification to the "Refunds" group, and set the status of the ticket as "Processing Refund".  

A quick guide to creating a scenario automation:

  • Under the Admin tab, click on Scenario Automation.

  • Select the New Scenario button.

  • Enter an appropriate name and description for the scenario you are about to create.

  • Add the first task you would like to perform by selecting an Action from the drop-down list.

    • For example, to set the ticket status to “High”, select “Set Status as” in the first drop-down list and choose “High”.

  • Add more actions by clicking on the Add new action option.

    • You can delete any action by clicking on the - symbol.

  • Choose the visibility and access permissions for this response. You can choose whether this response is available only to you, to a specific set of groups or to all agents in your help desk.

  • Once you are done, hit Save to save the scenario.

The list of scenario automation created will be listed on the Scenario Automations page. You can also Edit an existing entry or Delete it by hovering over the option and choosing Edit or Delete.