Requesting approval for service requests

Freshservice lets the user request approval for a service item by manually adding the email address of the approver. You can also automate a service request approval by creating a Workflow Automator .

I) Adding the email address of the approver manually 

1. Open a service request and click on the Approval tab.

2. Enter the email address of the person you want to get approval from.

3. Make changes to the email copy if deemed necessary.

4. Click Send.

5. You could send a reminder or cancel the approval request by clicking on the desired link in the service request ticket.

II) Automate Service Request Approval

You can automate service request approvals by creating a Dispatch'r rule. In the example shown below, a Dispatch'r rule was created to automatically send an approval request mail to the department head and reporting manager if the service request exceeds $200. 

Please note that you can also select who can approve the request- anyone, everyone or majority. 

Approving service requests

1. If you were the intended person to whom the approval request was sent, you would receive an email almost immediately after the approval was requested.

2. Click on the approval link to either approve or reject the service request.

3. Alternatively, you can click on the service request link to view more details about the service request.

Setting Approval Reminders

You can set approval reminders to be sent out to approvers every x number of hours. You can define the interval at which the reminder emails have to be sent. This can be achieved by going to the email notification >> Tickets >> Service Request Approval.