Freshservice lets you link tickets in a parent-child relationship. This helps to establish a relationship between tickets and easily map dependent action items. 

Freshservice allows you to link any type of ticket as a child ticket to any type of ticket. This capability helps foster cross-functional collaboration between different teams and business functions. Read more about different ticket types in Freshservice

Here are the steps to add a child ticket to a ticket in Freshservice. While establishing this link, you can either create a new child ticket or you can link an existing ticket as a child ticket. 

Creating a New Child ticket for a ticket

  1. Click on a ticket from your Ticket List view page. This will open the ticket details page. 
  2. Hover over to the tabs section and click on the Related tickets tab. 
  3. Click on the +Add Child Tickets button. This will open a pop-up window with two options to create a new ticket:
    • Create using form: This option allows you to fill in the details and create a child ticket. 

You can also choose an existing ticket template to create the child ticket. Clicking on this dropdown which gives you all the existing templates across different workspaces in which you have access to tickets.

Fill the details in the form and click on Save to create the child ticket.

  • Select item from catalog: This option allows you to create a child ticket using a Service catalog item. 

Select an item of your choice and fill in the necessary details to create the child ticket. Click Submit. The child ticket will get added and will be displayed on the left with a Ticket ID on the details page.

Linking an existing ticket as a child ticket.

Choose the Existing ticket option from the Add Child tickets panel. The list shows suggested child tickets in a list view and contains tickets of different types. You can also search for the desired ticket. Click on Add to link the selected ticket as a child ticket.