With Onboarding and Offboarding dashboards you get a complete view and actionable insights on the active onboarding and offboarding requests. 

Scope of access and required permissions

Here is the scope of requests that you can access, based on your role and permissions in Freshservice 


Requests accessible to you in the Dashboard

Required role/permissions 


Onboarding/Offboarding requests initiated by you

  • Need to be an Agent 

  • Need to have initiated at least one onboarding / offboarding request. 


All Onboarding/Offboarding requests in the account

  • Need to be an Agent 

  • Need to have the “View all onboarding requests” and/or “View all offboarding requests” permission enabled. 

(Screenshot below)

Onboarding/Offboarding Dashboards

The dashboard gives you a list view of all the open onboarding / offboarding requests based on your scope of access as an initiator or a supervisor. You can access the dashboard by clicking on Employee Journeys > Onboarding Dashboard / Offboarding Dashboard from the left menu.

The dashboard shows you a list of all the open onboarding/offboarding requests along with the initiator details, request status, progress of child tickets for that request, and the name of the employee the request is meant for. 

You can also apply Filters using different attributes to see a subset of requests based on the desired criteria. 


For requests with the status “Awaiting information”, you can easily send reminder notifications to the stakeholders who need to submit the information for the request to proceed.  

Widgets available in ‘My Dashboard’

Here are a couple of widgets that can be added to your central dashboard to get a high-level glimpse of the ongoing onboarding/offboarding requests. Clicking on these widgets takes you to the onboarding/offboarding dashboard. 

  1. Open onboarding requests | Open offboarding requests

These widgets give you the number of onboarding/offboarding requests that have been initiated by you.  

2. Onboarding requests initiated by / Offboarding requests initiated by

These widgets showcase the number of requests initiated by different initiators. You have access to this widget only if you have the “View all onboarding requests” or “View all offboarding requests” permission.