Note: Connector Apps are available only for customers on Pro and Enterprise plans of Freshservice. Learn More

Introduction to Connector Apps

Freshservice Connector Apps offers an advanced approach to integration, providing a seamless connection between Freshservice and third-party applications. Integrating these apps allows unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and scalability in your IT service desk operations. 

Connector Apps gives you access to enterprise-grade integrations. These integrations are designed to expedite the integration process, providing compatibility with a wide range of external cloud and on-premise applications. You can automate your workflows at scale using pre-configured automation recipes. 

  • Explore Pre-Built Integrations: Navigate through the Freshservice Connector Apps library and discover pre-built integrations such as Workday Connector and BambooHR Connector. 
  • Automate Workflows: Implement automation recipes to streamline your workflows, saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Customize Workflows: Modify the workflow and adjust field mappings to suit your organization's specific needs and preferences, giving you the flexibility to optimize your operational processes.

Requirements for Setting Up Connector Apps in Freshservice

To access Connector Apps, you need to:

1. Have an active subscription to the Pro or Enterprise pricing plans in Freshservice.

2. Purchase Connector App Tasks add-on that is available as a part of the Pro and Enterprise plans. 

Connector App Tasks Add-On 

To use Connector Apps, you will require Tasks. You can get started with a one-time free credit of 500 tasks. However, if you need additional tasks, you will need to purchase these tasks. They are available as an add-on and priced at $80 for 5k tasks valid till your billing cycle. You can purchase multiple packs of 5k tasks and these will be recurring with your billing cycle.

Table 1: Connector App Tasks Add-On Pricing Across Currencies 


How to Set Up Connector Apps in Freshservice 

Note: Only account admins will be able to install and configure Connector Apps 

1. Login using your Freshservice credentials 

2. Navigate to the Admin Settings and search for Connector Apps in the search bar.

3. Click Connector Apps. Connectors such as BambooHR and Workday will be listed and displayed. 

Alternatively, you can also Click Apps under Admin Settings. Search for Workday Connector or Bamboo HR Connector.

Note: To pinpoint Connector Apps, simply search for the desired app, and it will include the term "Connector" as part of its name. Look for apps with names that include the word "Connector."

4. Select the Connector of your choice, either BambooHR Connector or Workday Connector.

5. Follow the steps in the articles linked above to install the connector of your choice.

How to Purchase Connector App Tasks 

1. Login using your Freshservice credentials 

2. Navigate to the Admin Settings and search for Connector Apps in the search bar.

3. Click Connector Apps. The Connector Apps dashboard will be displayed. 

4. Click Purchase Tasks button on the top-right corner of your account. You will be redirected to the Plans and Billing section of your Freshservice account. 

5. Under the Available Add-Ons section, hover over Connector App Tasks, select the number of packs you want. 

6. Click Continue to proceed with your billing process.