The older version of the Slack Servicebot will be discontinued by May 1, 2024

How do I know if I am using the legacy version of Servicebot? 

There are two ways to know if you are using the legacy version:

  1. On your Slack UI, navigate to Servicebot app. The legacy Slack Servicebot app has only two tabs: ‘Home’ & ‘About’ tab and does not support the ‘Messages’ tab. If you don’t see a “Messages” tab, you’re on the legacy version.

  2. On your Servicebot, try placing a service request. If that doesn’t happen, you are on the legacy version


Why is the legacy Servicebot for Slack being discontinued?

The new Servicebot, which is the evolution of our Slack interface, supports additional capabilities. Only the newer version of the Servicebot will be supported henceforth. 

How is the legacy Servicebot for Slack different from our current Servicebot?


Legacy Servicebot for Slack

New Servicebot


Has no AI capability.

Uses AI capabilities to: 

  • Solve simple employee issues without agent intervention

  • Help employees find the right service items and raise tickets

Messages Tab

No Message Tab, DM messaging & notifications available.

Has a message tab which enables direct one-on-one message view and specific notifications related to updates on incidents, tickets or service requests created by users. 

Users can now converse with the Servicebot directly while also staying notified about their tickets right here.


Needs to be set up with an API key from the portal.

Can be easily installed and authorized through Freshservice Marketplace or Virtual Agent.

Virtual Agent




Notifications for Ticket assigned in group only.

Supports many notifications about ticket replies, approvals, rejections etc., sent as direct messages, as well as to the relevant group.

Service Request placement

Does not support raising service requests.

Service request can be raised from the messages tab

Group Channel Mappings

Agents can collaborate on tickets from within Slack and

  • new replies from here can be sent to ticket directly as 'private notes' by directly tagging a user

  • can invite user (employee) to collaborate on the ticket in the thread

  • Share updates such as ticket status, priority, private notes/reply notifications 

Agents can collaborate within Slack with basic capabilities.

The enhancements to support all legacy functions  is part of our roadmap for the new Collaboration feature, and will be available within the first half of 2024.

Other capabilities

Home tab: Only supports ticket filters and basic actions on them.

Incident form: Requester, subject and description fields are all mandatory

Home tab: Has more features than the legacy app, including support for actions like approvals/rejections while also providing richer contextual information on tickets.

Incident form: Only the requester field is mandatory to allow for notification support within Slack.

What will change with this discontinuation?

Agents will no longer have access to the legacy Servicebot for Slack. You will have to install the enhanced Slack Servicebot from Freshservice Marketplace and transition your employees before the legacy Slack Servicebot is discontinued.

If you have any Freshservice groups mapped to Slack channels, these mappings will have to be recreated after you install the new Servicebot. 

What should you do?

Install our new Servicebot from the Freshservice Marketplace. If you have questions, reach out to

To know more about the Slack Servicebot & installation: