Note: This is not applicable yet for customers using the Devops Management Beta and for customers using Freshplugs.

Following the recent redesign of our Ticket and Problem modules with a modern view, we are now introducing an enhanced experience to the Changes. In the redesigned change view, you can expect the following upgrades:

  • New features 

  • A more scalable and accessible framework to work with 

  • Tweaks to boost the overall experience

  • Improved access to applications and properties filter

Where do I find it?

1. Navigate to the Change module. The Modern view will be enabled for you


To switch back, click on the Profile menu > “Switch to Classic view” toggle. 

Note: When the switcher is toggled on, the following features under Task Sequencing (Reordering - task drag and drop, task move to top and bottom, Stack rank, inline status change, new tasks view) will not be supported. Task sequencing features are only supported when the change module is fully migrated to the Modern view.

What’s new?

Enable compact views

Optimize your screen space and work efficiently with more change entries within a single view. With compact view activated, you can condense the display of rows, enabling you to view and work with more change entries simultaneously. 

Add multiple attachments

You can now add multiple attachments at once and share complete context about your changes.

Quick jump navigation

Jump straight to your next activity with the quick jump navigation bar.

Explore activities better

Navigate a fresh suite of clear sections: today, yesterday, and older. We’ve refined its user experience and behavior to reflect dates (which are now sticky on the top while scrolling) and a better overview for you.

Add watchers to changes

As a part of the modern change view, you can now add watchers to your changes to let other agents monitor and view your changes.  Learn more about watchers here.

Navigation between changes (next / previous)

Seamlessly navigate between changes with a next and previous button.

Enhancements to table view

With the new and improved change table view, increase your team’s efficiency with a robust and clutter-free user experience. Here’s what is new:

  • Star your favorite view: Star your favorite view to access the custom category of changes faster. When you save a change view after filtering changes based on properties, you can easily add a star to mark it as a favorite. If you change your mind, click the star again to remove it. 

  • Row indicator as accessible focus indicator: The row indicator will be a visual cue to the desired change. The focus indicator will highlight the change the agent desires to look into. 

  • Keyboard shortcuts to navigate: While using the keyboard to traverse, the up/down arrow keys can perform shortcut actions. 

  • Click on the subject line to open the change: The agent can delve into the details by clicking the subject line of the change.

What’s improved?

Details page

White space, also known as negative space, enhances visual clarity, improves readability, and provides a sense of balance. You can now experience a more scalable layout with optimal white space, consistent spacing, and typography for more clutter-free navigation. 

Manage CAB approvals easily

Manage your CAB approvals better with easy access to all your requests in one tab. 

Time entries

We swapped the “Add Time” link for a button for accessibility and enhanced the overall readability.

Optimized and accessible filters

Eliminate unnecessary bandwidth consumption by instantly displaying results as filter criteria are being applied. Users can add their criteria and click "apply now" for an improved and more accessible filtering experience.

Improved experience for change lifecycles and maintenance windows

With the modern view, manage your change lifecycles and maintenance windows with a better user experience. 

Associate releases better

With the new view, you can now associate changes better by:

  • Using field values from the parent change to create a new release 

  • Associating multiple Problems with one Change

What’s changed?

Tabbed view

We’ve now lumped in a sticky tab that’ll introduce a new menu called “Details” to help you navigate easily to other items with any scroll position. So, no more having to look far and wide for your conversation and its description.

Consistent create new buttons

We’ve chipped in with new links placed strategically at the top right corner for consistency.

Hassle-free change editing 

Spot the edit button easily from any scroll position.

Refreshed tasks view

Status, edit / delete options and new task creations are now moved to the slider. You can access newly created tasks easily as they will now be added on the top until the page refreshes in a separate section.

Manage assets better

We’ve clarified the “delete or disassociate” debacle. Say goodbye to confusion as we now have a clear, contextual icon that spells “Disassociate”.

Improved Create Change page

The new Create Changes page has been refreshed for better readability and experience. Here’s what you get:

    - Drag and drop attachments while creating changes

    - Better readability with center center-aligned page