Sometimes, you might want to keep your eye on a special ticket and follow its progress, even if it is assigned to a different agent in your team. As the manager, you might want to keep a tab on an incident that will have a major impact on your organization. But remembering to go back and forth to the ticket periodically, and checking for updates yourself might not be very convenient.

To make things easier, Freshservice lets you monitor the tickets you want by letting agents be a watcher on the ticket. When you are added as a watcher to a ticket, you will receive email notification every time something happens on the ticket, like a note getting added, or the status getting changed etc. You can do this by clicking on the “Star” icon on the header of the ticket.

Quick guide to adding watchers to your tickets:

  • Click on the Tickets tab to open up your list of tickets
  • Open up any ticket of your choice, which you'd like to monitor/watch
  • From the message on the top, click on the Star icon 
  • Add agents under the +Add watchers button or select from the options displayed in the dropdown
  • You can add yourself as the watcher by clicking on +Add me option

This ticket will now be added to your watched tickets list and you will start receiving notifications whenever you see an update on it. You can view all your monitored tickets by selecting the Tickets I am Watching view.