Situation 1: You want to retain your Pro or Enterprise licenses and add additional Business Agent licenses.

(Let’s say you have 10 full-time licenses and want to add 4 business agent add-on licenses)

  • As an Account Admin, go to Settings -  Admin > Account Settings > Plans & Billing.

  • On the subscription details page, click ‘Edit’ against ‘Plan and users’ in the left section or click on the ‘Manage Plan’ button at the bottom to modify your subscription details.

  • Keep the 10 full-time agents as is, add business agents add-on with 4 agents, and click on "Update subscription".

This subscription change request will come into effect immediately. Once the request is processed, your subscription will have 10 full-time IT agent licenses and 4 business agent licenses. You can now add agents and assign them the ‘Business Agent’ license during agent creation.

Situation 2: You want to convert some of your existing Pro/Enterprise licenses to Business agent licenses.

(Let’s say you have 10 full-time licenses and want to convert 4 of those to business agent add-on licenses)

Note: Business agent license is purpose-built for teams such as HR, Finance, Facilities, etc. Before you start the process of converting IT agents to Business agents, please read this article to understand the impact on the agents being converted.

This process involves three key steps:

Step-1: Scheduling the request

If billing is managed through self-service

If billing is managed by Freshworks

  • As an Account Admin, go to Settings - Admin > Account Settings > Plans & Billing.

  • On the subscription details page, click “Edit” against “Plan and users” in the left section or click on the Manage Plan button at the bottom to modify your subscription details

  • Change subscription to 6 IT agents, add business agents addon with 4 agents, and click on "Update subscription"

Please contact your Account Manager or Success Manager and share the new subscription details. Alternatively, you can also write an email to with the new details. 

With Step-1, your request to change your subscription will be scheduled for the date when your current subscription ends.

Step-2. Managing the transition just before the subscription period ends

On the day your subscription is renewed, your account will have 6 full-time licenses and 4 business agent licenses. However, before that, you need to change the license type of agents that will no-longer need the IT license to  'IT -Occasional'. Conversion of an IT full-time agent IT occasional agent does not require day passes. However, if you want the IT occasional agents to log in and work during the transition period, you would need to procure day passes for the same.

Step-3. Converting IT-occasional agents to Business agents.

Once the business agent licenses are added after billing renewal, you can convert these IT-Occasional agents to Business Agents. 

Here is an article that talks about different ways and the recommended process to convert IT agents to Business agents.

Please read the following FAQs to understand this in detail. 

Why do you need to do these steps?

Admins will be able to avail of business agent licenses only after subscription renewal. The intermediate step of converting IT full-time agents to IT occasional agents ensures that the agents that don't need the full-time license are identified and the account is not billed for them at the time of subscription renewal. Occasional agents are not billed and require day-passes to log in as mentioned above.

When do you need to convert full-time agents to occasional agents?

This step can be initiated anytime before the subscription renewal date. It is recommended to do this as close to the renewal period (1-3 days before) as possible so that you can minimize the number of day passes that will be required.

How can you convert IT full-time agents to IT occasional agents and then to Business agents?

This can be done in two ways: 

  • Go to the agent profile and change their license type to ‘IT (Occasional Agent)’.
  • If the number of agents is large, admins can use the 'Import Agents' functionality within agent settings to update the license type of about-to-be-converted agents. To do this, include the primary email, license type and occasional fields columns in the import CSV file and set the value of 'License Type' as 'IT' and 'Occasional' as 'True' for the impacted agents.

Once the subscription is renewed, the license type can be updated to 'Business' in a similar manner.

What would happen if admins do not convert IT, full-time agents, to IT occasional agents before the subscription renewal? 

Admins will be informed about the excess number of IT licenses through nudges inside the product. In case these agents are not converted to occasional agents by the time subscription renewal is processed, the account will be billed for the total number of IT full-time agents configured along with the requested number of business agent licenses. This is so that the service desk access of configured full-time agents is not impacted.

Please reach out to for queries, if any.